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See George's video about Medicare for All.



 See the video that George recorded for his Montgomery Community Media statement, posted 10/16.


Click photo for a video of George at the Green Party's July 2012 Presidential Nominating Convention.  He's discussing fixing high-priority national problems such as reversing the Citizens United decision, and restoring our education system.


Click the photo below to hear George's Sept. 2010 testimony against the proposed Lockheed-Martin tax exemption.












Sept. 3, 2014


George sends editorial to Frederick News-Post protesting the shooting range at Sugarloaf Mountain.

Application for shooting range is withdrawn.

August 31, 2014   George will participate in a Meet the Candidates forum at the Hagerstown Chamber of Commerce on 10/9.
August 20, 2014   George is interviewed in the Gazette:

Green Party candidate hopes to represent Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District

July 9, 2014   George posts a comment to Blair Lee's editorial "It's time for Maryland election reform" on Gazette.net.   Click here for article and comment.
    August 29, 2014: $100 left!

June 25, 2014: George self-funds his Campaign Treasury with $200 cash.  Let's see if that's all he needs!  The photo and the spreadsheets to be provided will constitute a running audit of the campaign - posted on our Campaign Spending page.

Congratulations To Our 2014 Nominees

The Maryland Green Party is proud to announce its candidates for the 2014 General Election! After tabulating the results of our party-organized primary election, the party has submitted certificates of nomination for:

  • George Gluck, running for United States House of Representatives, District 6
  • Dan Robinson, running for Maryland House of Delegates, District 20
  • Ian Schlakman, running for Unites States House of Representatives, District 2, and
  • Tim Willard, running for Montgomery County Council, At-Large

Congratulations and good luck to our nominees! Please visit their websites for more information, to learn how to see them in person and volunteer for their campaigns, and to make a contribution to support their efforts.


February 10, 2014:  George is running for Congress representing Maryland District 6.


George believes in the 10 Key Values from the Green Party

 (click on link for definition)


Click on button above to see  George's Oct. 2012 Running District 8 Campaign

click to see vimeo video posted by Eric Garment


December 19, 2012:  George responds (as pegasus4848) below Gazette article to the controversy about government incentives to attract corporations to buy/lease office space in Montgomery County.


January 27, 2012:  George was interviewed in the Frederick News-Post.  Story is called "Gluck looks to win 8th District with ‘something else’" 

Read the interview HERE.


July 12, 2012: Baltimore Sun coverage of Green Party convention - click here to read entire article by John Fritze.

...George Gluck, a Rockville computer analyst who is running for the House of Representatives in Maryland's 8th District, worked potential voters outside the school, asking them to sign the Green Party's ballot-access petition. Gluck said he was a longtime Democrat who split with the party when President Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1993.

"Their generation is going to fix this country," Gluck said, pointing to a couple of 20-something women he had approached earlier for signatures. "I'm hoping to give them a leg up."


Here is a bumper sticker with our campaign slogan, explained below:

  • Clean - no PAC, corporate or union contributions; solely individuals and no
    more than $100

  • Lean - both an efficient campaign and a more efficient government, getting
    better results with less funding

  • Green - champion of environmental and sustainable business

September 2012:  George took the Anti-Corruption Pledge - click on button to take yours!



July 2011:  George participated in the “Hands Off Social Security” rally.

On July 25, 2011, a rally was staged at the Social Security Complex in Woodlawn, in Baltimore County, MD.

Its purpose was to mobilize grass roots support to stop the US Congress from cutting Social Security,

Medicare and Medicaid programs. The demonstration was organized by the AFL-CIO,

Progressive Democratic of America and other groups.   Here is a link to their video.

George has proposed common-sense voting procedures called IRV/CRV which would save money on interim elections.  See IRV/CRV voting on the Issues page.

Explore our website - join our campaign - Volunteer or Donate - and in the General Election on Nov. 4th, VOTE FOR GEORGE for U.S. House of Representatives, Maryland District 06.


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