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George's Running District 8 Campaign - October 2012 - routes and photos
click to see vimeo video, posted by Eric Garment

Running District 8 Campaign, Leg 7: 3 miles from Woodside Deli to DC line in Takoma Park on Sunday, Oct 28th starting at 10:30 AM. George was joined by several members of his family for the last leg of the Campaign Folks can keep track of my run by reading the tweets at http://twitter.com/Gluck4Congress


At right:  Start of last leg of run.

Left: Big finish at Woodside Deli!

Below R:  Passed the DC line

Below L: Family at Tacoma Park


Photos from 4th leg of Running District 8 on Oct 17th

Below left: Avoiding Howard County by turning on Penn Shop Road.

Above Right: Started today in Carroll, then Frederick, finally Montgomery County.

Below, Right:  They held up traffic for me.


Here is one photo from the 3rd leg of my Running District 8 campaign (Oct 14)

At about the halfway point, a horse came up to me as I ran by, so I stopped and fed him some grass.


Here are photos from the 2nd leg of my Running District 8 campaign (Oct 12).


Start at Loyes Station Park.



Libertytown is Down the Road



The Monocacy River





Below: Here are the route and photos from the 1st leg of my Running District 8 campaign (Oct 8).

1st leg: Pictures are me at the PA border near Emmitsburg and the covered bridge as I approached Loys Station Park.


George crosses the Parks half-marathon (13.1 miles) finish line, Bethesda - September 9, 2012.


George had his tee-shirts produced in the USA by a local small business:

Stephanie and Clarissa
Design-A-Tee Company
5636 Belair Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21206




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