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George's Top Issues  (this page is under construction)
Issue George's Position
1.  Economic Health

  • On July 25, 2011, a “Hands Off Social Security” rally was staged at the Social Security Complex in Woodlawn, in Baltimore County, MD. Its purpose was to mobilize grass roots support to stop the US Congress from cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs. The demonstration was organized by the AFL-CIO, Progressive Democratic of America and other groups. Here is a link to their video.

  • Here is some still-relevant testimony from George to Montgomery County during their 2010 election concerning the proposed Lockheed-Martin tax exemption.  George is against such corporate favoritism.  Click on the photo below to hear George's testimony.

  • Gluck will push for public financing of federal elections in an attempt to "equalize opportunity."

2.  Environment

  • George opposes the proposed construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would crisscross the country from Canada to Texas.
  • George enthusiastically supports initiatives such as the Montgomery County "Go Green program" run by the State of Maryland's Department of Environmental Protection.
  • George supports the Maryland Green Party and Montgomery County Green Party platforms.
  • Both George and his wife Phyllis drive Toyota Prius cars to help protect our environment, and the Glucks use solar panels to help power and heat their home.

3. Education


  • Gluck is disappointed with the federal government for spending billions to bail out banks while small businesses struggle and college students and graduates are strapped trying to pay off huge loans.  "Students are indentured servants until they pay those off. ...
    That's insane," Gluck said. "If it were up to me, we'd find a way to assist them in paying them off. If it were up to me, they wouldn't have them in the first place."
Let George Do It:  George's approach to problem-solving  
Problem: Expensive and Contentious Elections George has fashioned an innovative proposal for Instant Runoff Voting and Contingency Runoff Voting that can eliminate costly elections while serving the public good.

Many citizens have expressed an interest in Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) (See related Gazette IRV articles: League of Women Voters, Erik Connell, Greenbelt and Takoma Park.)

George has devised a variant of IRV that he calls Contingency Runoff Voting (CRV) - (View an example here.)

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