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News Coverage, and Press Releases issued by the Campaign

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  • March 3, 2012: George and other candidates were interviewed in the Carroll County Times

    • Many candidates do not live in Carroll, how do you plan to specifically represent the county and its interests?
      GREEN Party - George Gluck, Rockville
      Obviously, my knowledge of Carroll County citizen’s needs is limited (Frederick County as well), so I will hire staff who are more familiar with the county and its interests.

    • How is Carroll County different from the other areas in the district?
      Here is a difference to be considered:
      Median household income, in dollars, 2010:
      Carroll County $80,291

      Frederick County $80,216
      Montgomery County $88,559


  • January 27, 2012:  George was interviewed in the Frederick News-Post.  Story is called "Gluck looks to win 8th District with ‘something else’"  Read the interview HERE.


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