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Want to Increase Your Weather Products/Service Business?

     Want to Gain a Competitive Edge?

DBS has the unique, extensive weather industry experience that can give your company the business advice and the plan to increase your market share and your profits.

DBS Weather Impact Corporation has in-depth knowledge and understanding of needs for weather system, products, services and equipment used by commerce, federal and state government, and the military, as well as internationally, to:

  • Identify unmet needs of potential customers
  • Assess your organization's products/services against needs and competition
  • Assess market size and your estimated current and possible future share
  • Recommend technical activities needed to meet unmet customer requirements
  • Recommend marketing strategies and tactics to give you a competitive advantage

What DBS "brings to the table":

  • Proven successful accomplishments in the weather industry
  • Collective technical and marketing experience
  • Extensive key contacts and networking capabilities

Using DBS gives you:

  • Valuable resources that would be difficult to duplicate
  • Benefit of no extra expenses associated with hiring new employees
  • Flexibility to get specific tasks done when your operating resources are otherwise committed

Major DBS clients have included:

  • GTE Government Systems Corporation
  • General Dynamics
  • Harris Corporation
  • Raytheon Corporation
  • Hughes Information Technology Corporation
  • Hoyts Cinema Corporation
  • National Railroad Passenger Corp. (AMTRAK)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Portland Natural Gas and Transmission System
  • Waste Systems International, Inc.
  • Systems Management, Inc.

DBS Weather Impact Corporation employs individuals who have had high-level positions in industry, the government, and the military to find solutions for you.

"Helping your business profit from the weather is our business."


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