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David B. Spiegler  

Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM*) and

Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS)

Mr. Spiegler has more than 48 years of proven experience in providing expertise across a broad spectrum of activities involving meteorology, climatology, and the environment. Since the 1980s, he has provided expert analysis for more than 50 law firms and insurance companies on weather related legal and/or insurance claims. Mr. Spiegler has worked on cases in a number of states and has testified in district and superior courts, at arbitration hearings, and at environmental regulatory hearings. He has always been found to be qualified by the court.

Cases that Mr. Spiegler has provided expert services range from slip and fall accidents, to motor vehicle, aircraft, and boating accidents, wrongful death and homicide, as well as cases for which damage to – or loss of – property from wind, snow, heavy rain, flooding, and ocean waves occurred. For many cases, he visited the site of the event and evaluated the physical and terrain factors. For all cases, he acquired, analyzed, and interpreted the weather data, reconstructed the weather at the time and location of the event/incident and/or damage or loss, and provided expert opinion, and rationale for the opinion, about the impact of the weather factor on the event.

Mr. Spiegler's other professional experience includes:               

  • Management and technical direction for programs involving design of automated weather systems, and operational weather analysis and prediction programs
  • Applied research and technique development in the meteorological and environmental sciences -- NOAA, the USAF, and NASA have used analysis and prediction techniques he developed, operationally
  • Development of weather and climate information for business planning and operations
  • Product management for weather broadcast media services and marine services  

Mr. Spiegler has published over 75 technical papers and reports. Papers were in professional, peer-reviewed journals including: Journal of Applied Meteorology, Bulletin of the AMS and Weatherwise, among others. He also has given numerous presentations at technical conferences and symposia, and has functioned as a peer reviewer for AMS publications.  

Mr. Spiegler has received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Meteorology from New York University with courses towards a Ph.D.

*To become a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, one must pass written and oral exams administered by the AMS, and submit a technical paper authored by the individual.  Mr. Spiegler has been a CCM since 1974 (Certificate #122). 

Detailed CVs available upon request.



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