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“LIVING WITH WEATHER” flyers - a one time, low cost, advertising venue to increase sales and mitigate impacts from severe and adverse weather.


Increase Sales and Mitigate Impacts from Hurricanes with our fact-filled Guide while enhancing your public service image!

Introducing our Eyeing the Storm – A Hurricane Guide. Complete with a Hurricane Tracking Chart, Hurricane Facts, and Hurricane Preparedness and Safety Precautions and much more. And it’s in a handy size* that makes it a great reference tool.  


Providing our hurricane guide to your customers and potential customers will:

  • Have users refer to the guides every time there is a hurricane

  • Give you visibility every time the guides are used, at a very low cost

  • Mitigate property losses

  • Enhance your public service image and

  • Increase sales and profits

Features your advertising and promotional material in prominent places. All this gives you high, repeat visibility for your customers at very low cost, while improving your profits and public service image.


*Fits into a business size envelope, jacket, or purse.


PHONE: (978) 996-6708 or e-mail: dbswx.impact@yahoo.com for more information.



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