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A Case of Weather-Related Impact?

"Weatherproof Your Case!" with our Forensic Meteorology Services

When the Weather is an issue... in a litigation or an insurance claim (see special Insurance industry services below), the impact of the weather needs to be assessed by a recognized expert.  We meet that need and much more.

What DBS Weather Impact Corporation does to build your case:

  • Evaluate the case and the potential impact of the weather
  • Determine the data needed -- data type(s), date(s), time(s), location(s), frequency of weather observations
  • Access, organize, and analyze the data
  • Visit the site of the event, if needed, for assessment of physical factors on weather elements
  • Reconstruct the weather at event site at time of event

Our Deliverables include:

  • Interpretation and conclusions regarding the impact of the weather on the case -- with rationale
  • An oral and written report
  • Deposition -- as required
  • Expert Testimony
  • Advice for cross examination on weather aspect of case -- upon request

Proven Experience in a Variety of Cases:

  • Slip and fall 
  • Motor vehicle, boating, and aircraft accidents
  • Damage to -- or loss of -- property from wind, heavy rain, flooding, and ocean waves
  • Wrongful death and homicide
  • Construction delays
  • Transportation schedule impacts
  • Lighting/visibility issues .. and more

Experience includes testifying in district and superior courts, at arbitration hearings, and environmental regulatory hearings.  See highlight CV of our principal forensic expert, David Spiegler.

All services are available Nationwide - Mention this website and get a FREE initial consultation

Insurance Industry!   Ask about our Weather Information Data Service (WINDS)

"The fastest, most accurate request-reply system for weather-related claims"

  • You want to know if the weather was really a factor for the claim.

  • You fax your information about the claim to us on our user-friendly pre-printed form.
  • We determine the weather data needed access it, and analyze it.
  • We fax back to you the results of the analysis the likelihood of the weather as a factor in the claim and why.


Many weather-related claims are paid unnecessarily. Extra costs incurred by insurance companies reduce profits. Get the benefits from WINDS.

  • WINDS cuts losses from weather-related claims

  • WINDS allows informed decisions to be made on claims
  • WINDS provides rapid, reliable, and accurate user-friendly answers

WINDS timely, affordable answers for your weather-related claims improving your bottom line.

"Helping your business profit from the weather is our business."


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