Habtu's Support of the Israel Tennis & Education Centers Foundation

Israeli tennis teens             Israeli teens
Yoni and Habtu                         spectators
tennis bullet   On March 2, 2020, Tivoli Lakes sponsored our first event with the ITEC.  Five teenage Israeli tennis players came to the United States to give a tennis exhibition and enjoy a pizza party with us.  Here is the report submitted by Randy Safier, then-president of our tennis club:

On March 2, the Tivoli Lakes Tennis Club hosted an exhibition for the Israel Tennis and Education Centers (ITEC).  It was comprised of 5 teenage tennis players from Israel, their coach, and the VP of educational development.  These children come from diverse backgrounds, varied cultures, and had a challenging upbringing.  They were the most appreciative group of kids, ranging in age from 12 to 20.

The event was well attended by the Tivoli Lakes community, who were treated to both playing tennis with the Israeli kids, and also having them display their tennis skills in a separate exhibition.  This was the ITEC’s first visit to a tennis community and they were thrilled with both the turnout and the generous donations provided by our residents. 
Everyone enjoyed pizza afterwards and got the opportunity to chat with the kids. 

All would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Habtu, as well as the help of the Tivoli Lakes Tennis Hospitality Committee.  Special thanks to Arthur Green, who asked our community to be involved, and Suzanne Bauer and Lance Berkowitz for hosting the kids for the night after the exhibition. Further recognition to Teresa Milanese, for helping to coordinate the event, Maria Romo, the coordinator for the ITEC and to Yoni Yair, the ITEC VP of educational development.   We have invited them to visit again, should they return to Florida in future years.

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