Mentoring Session Scripts
Based On
Barbara Seagram's
25 Conventions You Should Know

Ally Whiteneck initiated a mentoring program for Unit 499.
Originally subsidized by the unit, its popularity grew and it has become profit-making.
The program has attracted and retained many new bridge players.
In its first 9 months, 23 of the players became members of the ACBL!
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Each session allows the player to practice one convention with a series of 8 hands.
Ally has a script for each session, edited by an expert player.
These scripts show how all the hands should be bid and played.
In order to assist other clubs in starting their own mentoring sessions,
she is offering the scripts and dealing machine hand records for the nominal price of $15 each.

Purchase the Scripts and Hand Records

I would like to purchase the following scripts and hand records:

Stayman Weak Twos Strong 2C Reverses
Blackwood & Gerber Negative Doubles Transfers Jacoby 2NT
Splinters Cuebid Raises Balancing Help Suit Game Tries
Control Bids RKCB & Grand Slam Force Michaels & Unusual NT DONT
Lebensohl Reverse Drury Fourth Suit Forcing New Minor Forcing
Ogust Responsive & Lead Directing Doubles

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