Marty Bergen
Non-Audio Lessons

We produced 20 very extensive non-audio lessons. They were sold for $20 each, and were well-received. Each lesson was comprised of 3-6 PDFs including a bonus.

Continuing our efforts to reduce bridge withdrawal, we are now offering very helpful lesson material that is different from our online audio lessons. The many tips and exercises in these lessons will enable YOU to greatly improve your game.

Learn and improve with these very practical topics in PDF format. Each of the 20 lessons are comprised of 3-6 extensive PDFs. And for those eager to know “more,” each lesson include a bonus!

These lessons are available now only as a package of all 20. Our very special holiday price for purchasing all 20 lessons is just $100.

FYI: To get a feel for this type of lesson, we have a free demo. Of course, the actual lessons are far more extensive than the demo. To check out the demo click here.

Here is a list of the 20 Practical Lesson Topics:

Lessons focusing on Competitive Bidding (7)
Lessons on Declarer Play (5)
Lessons on Constructive Bidding (6)
Lessons on Defense (2)