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Here's what ManEDGEment Solutions clients and past employers have to say about working with Diana:

Consulting Testimonials


"During the initial stages of our start-up we realized our unique offering was much more comprehensive than our competition, even more so than we had anticipated.  However, in positioning our services in the market we seemed to be so different that we ran the risk of not being considered competition to the established providers. 

Diana was instrumental in helping us understand the real breadth and benefits of our services, and how to correctly position ourselves.  She was creative in the message, but at the same time helped us establish a marketing plan with substance that could be successfully executed.  We would certainly use Diana again, based on the success we had with her."

  • Ed Pierson, President, TMP Worldwide eResourcing

We expected Diana to bring the high degree of professionalism, experience and expertise that she exhibited during our project but we were very pleased – and our expectations exceeded – with the level of passion and creative thinking she brought to bear on solving new problems as we encountered them.  This combination of skills was in no small part a direct cause of the project’s success and will be the primary factor for us to work with Diana again in the future.”

  • Jason Bunge, Office Productivity Tool Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation

"Diana Harotian is one of the highly talented women in New England business today.  As a corporate strategist, market analyst, and product marketing executive in the high-tech industry, she has proven skills in the complex industry of electronics and computing, and has transferred her business acumen into a number of other demanding fields as well.  I highly recommend her for her strong marketing and communications capabilities, as well as being a simply wonderful human being to work with."

  • Rita Glover, Industry Analyst, Electronic Design Automation, EDA Today, L.C.

"In January 1999 I was asked to remediate my company’s worldwide product and infrastructure Y2K readiness and compliance. Given the complexity of the project, I retained Diana to provide project management consulting.

In short order, Diana not only helped develop a comprehensive program and reporting process, but also became a trusted partner and recognized as second in command. The latter accomplishment is most notable in that our team consisted of senior members of 24 worldwide organizations and we reported our progress monthly to the Board of Directors. As an 'outsider' Diana was able to accomplish this through her continued display of her abilities and senior leadership."

  • Wayne Furman, Director, Corporate Integration and Strategy & Corporate Y2K Program Office, Data General Corporation

Employer Testimonials

“Diana worked for me during her 2 1/2 tenure at META Group.  In her capacity, Diana was responsible for major projects, staff leadership, and business development.  Diana's wealth of experience was clear - she brought significant expertise and insight into every engagement she was involved with.  She was a seasoned professional - and a rare individual who could bridge the intellectual requirements of strategic marketing with the operational demands of tactical marketing.  The clients Diana worked with were delighted with the research she conducted, and the strategies and tactics that resulted from her work.”

  • Mark Coggin, Vice President IT Vendor Group, META Group, Inc.

"Under Diana's tenure as VP of Marketing at PADS Software, the company significantly enhanced its market share and reputation, which ultimately led to a successful merger with very favorable terms for PADS. She accomplished this by having both the vision and leadership skills to lead the development of the next generation of the PADS product, a completely re-engineered version of the software.


The entire development process, from specification to product launch, was a true team effort between Marketing and Engineering, absent the usual rancor and conflicts. Diana's vision was validated when the new product was embraced by both existing and new customers. For me personally, this was the most satisfying and successful large scale software development project I have ever participated in, and much of its success was due to Diana's leadership."

  • Howard Schutzman, CTO, PADS Software

Diana worked in my organization at Digital Equipment Corp. in the mid-to-late 1980s.  She played a major role in selling the idea that application and solution providers who resold DEC gear should be embraced as true marketing partners.  This had been an alien concept at Digital where the prevailing attitude was "we can do it all, and don't need third party distribution channels, and we certainly don't need to invest in joint selling and marketing with them."  After receiving approval to change this policy at the Marketing and Sales Strategy Committee, Diana also played a major role in rolling out this program to the field sales organization, both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Diana is a smart and focused executive with great people skills.  She'd be an asset to any team or any marketing or strategic project."

  • Eli Lipcon, Digital Equipment Corp., Vice President, Direct Channels Marketing and Vice President, Consumer and Process Industries; Bell Atlantic, Vice President, General Business Sales (retired)


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